13 Feb

Beneficiary Applications and Mobilization

The Application portal (www.bunmiadedayofoundation.org/trtp) for the TRT Project opened on midnight of February 3rd and closed on midnight of February 16. The project was targeted at low-middle cost schools in Lagos State only.

For the purpose of this project, low-middle cost schools was defined as primary schools in the six (6) Education Districts of Lagos State with at least teachers on its payroll, while registered teachers for the program must have a smart phone and possess basic computer skills. Furthermore, these schools must charge between 75,001 - N200,000 per annum.

At the end of the registration, there were a total of 480 applications. 216 schools emerged as final project beneficiaries after screening with criteria stated below:

Steps Filter Criteria Application
Step 01 Total Applicaiton Via Google Form 480
Step 02 Data Clean Out (duplications) - Unique School Applications 396
Step 03 Fees Above N200,000 381
Step 04 Less than 6 teachers 354
Step 05 No Competent teachers For English 299
Step 06 No Competent teachers for Maths 291
Step 07 Total number of pupils below 40 233
Step 08 Primary Schools Only (Verification Calls) 220
Step 09 Lagos State Only (Verification Calls) 219
Step 10 Not Aware of Application (Verification Calls) 216

The list of the final beneficiary schools is contained below: