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An Initiative of Bunmi Adedayo Foundation

The Tech-Relevant Teacher (TRT) Project is an education intervention organized by the Bunmi Adedayo Foundation. It shall empower 200 (now 216) low-middle income schools in Lagos state with relevant skills for virtual pedagogy, digital lesson content creation, educational technology tools and techniques. The goal of this project is to prepare school heads and classroom teachers for the new normal of virtual and blended teaching and learning.

The project beneficiaries will be exposed to pragmatic skills required to efficiently teaching virtually by empowering them with the technical know-how for learning video creation, assessment, feedbacks and pedagogy among others.

TRT Project includes the following activities:

  • School Sustainability and Leadership Conference
  • EdTech Trainings on Techniques and Tools for Content Development and Virtual Teaching
  • Set up of Learning Content Production Suite for 30 schools
  • 6 Weeks Mentoring in Learning Content Production
  • Peer Training Across 200 Schools for over 1,400 teachers


  • The Maiden edition of the Annual School Leadership and Sustainability Training themed “Leveraging Technology for School Sustainability and Improvement” was held on February 27th, 2021. The event which was held virtually attracted key players in the Leadership and School Administration, ICT and EdTech in Nigeria such as Mr. Chinenye Mba-Ozukwu; Mr. Faruq Molumo, Dr. Adeosun Juliana, Mr. Boye Oshinaga, Mrs. Abiola Lamikanra and Mrs. Abimbola Osagie. Among others, the conference addressed the following thematic areas:

  • The Foundation launched its learning management system, www.balearner.org with an 8-module course on Content Creation and Digitization for Schools. Over 500 beneficiaries registered and took the course.

    In addition to the online course, the project beneficiaries were exposed to an interactive and intensive live virtual training on how they can create and utilize content for 4 weeks.

    Furthermore, each beneficiary was also given a Training Manual, Notepad and Pen in addition to Data Support they received from the Project Team.

  • Top Performing 30 schools emerged as TRT Project Grantees based on Course completion and quiz average, attendance to zoom session, completion of Microsoft Innovative Educator Course, Video Production Contest, and Interview with School Heads. See list of 30 schools here.

    Each School was given a high performing Core i3, 8Gb, 1 TB Computer; a PC External Speaker and Headset with microphone with various EdTech Tools and Content creation Apps installed. They were also issued certificate of award.

  • 90 beneficiaries (1 Math, 1 English and 1 School Head) from the 30 Grantee Schools were mentored in Math and English Research, Pedagogy and Content Development for 3 weeks after which they were mentored by the EDTECH Team for another 4 weeks. Each Mentee School produced 2 learning courses in Math and English as a Common Entrance Preparatory Course on the students domain of the BAF LMS

  • As a result of the mentoring, 30 quality learning subject- topic courses; 15 Math and 15 English were produced and published at www.students.balearner.org for immediate uptake by primary 6 pupils in Nigeria preparing for Common Entrance Examinations. The Common Entrance Preparatory Courses will expose the learners to at least 15 important topics in Math and English.

  • In addition to the over 600 direct beneficiaries, more than 1,000 individuals have registered and enrolled for the Content Production Course. Furthermore, over 300 teachers have been empowered through peer training by direct beneficiary schools.

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List of Impacts Made:

Our Impacts Made In Number of Participants So Far:

  • Close to 500 Teachers and Head of Schools from 216 Schools enrolled and trained in the use of different EdTech Tools and Learning Content Production Suits through a Self-Paced Learning on BAF LMS (www.teacher.balearner.org) and Live classes on Zoom.
  • 1,900 hands-on learning content assignments submitted by participants since March 2021
  • 650 Training Manuals, Noted Pad and Pen produced and distributed to all beneficiaries
  • 245 Teachers have become Microsoft Certified Educators (Module 8 of the TRTP Course exposed Educators to MIE Programmes)
  • 216 School Heads Trained and Exposed to Best Standard Practices through the BAF School Leadership and Sustainability Conference
  • 8 Module EdTech Training and Content Production Course Produced for immediate uptake at BAF LMS
  • Over 24,000 primary school pupils indirectly reached through project impact on teachers
  • 30 Schools grantees empowered with computer and software accessories for content creation


Teachers/Beneficiaries Impacted

Our Impacts Made On Qualitative and Behavioural Changes So Far:

  • Over 80% beneficiaries now know how to use the following content creations applications on their phone or PC.
  • Increased number of teachers that have acquired smart phones to produce digital learning materials. School owners and board have bought phones for their teachers for use in class. Some for free, some with flexible repayment plans for teachers.
  • Increased investment in procuring tech tools such as computers among beneficiary schools.
  • Some Schools have started blended learning because of the skills acquired from the project, especially in the module 6 lesson on Blended Learning Modules. Some schools e.g West Lake Schools under the leadership of Mrs. Temitope Sowole have used One Note to collate Assignment for their pupils as they go on Easter Break.
  • Increased self-confidence among teachers and school heads in the use of educational technology tools for teaching and learning.
  • As a result of the required task to progress as a school rather than individuals, there have been Improved collaboration and shared vision among school heads and classroom teachers.
  • Participants acquired skills on how to navigate a learning management system such as www.teachers.balearner.org, learning designer and Google Classroom among others.
  • More versatility in the use of cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and One Drive.

Tech Relevant Teacher Project - TRTP

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